Reef Guardians

The Challenge

Jamaican children learn about the beauty and importance of the marine environment at a young age, but are often unable to experience it in a meaningful fashion.

It is an unfortunate reality that most Jamaicans do not know how to swim, and lack either the equipment or opportunity to peer into this mystical world.  This creates a dangerous disconnect between environmentally unsustainable behavior on shore – and its impact on the ocean.

The Solution

Reef Guardians is an immersion experiential education program that equips summer campers with the knowledge, attitude and skills needed to help protect and conserve the marine environment, while instilling respect for the environment that promises to foster a responsible life ethos.

While developing an overall awareness, campers learn survey methods and sampling techniques while helping influence legislation through local environmental lobby efforts like the Jamaican Styrofoam Ban petition.

Reef Guardians educate, empower and influence.

A window into the unknown




Amazing Result

85% of Jamaican’s can’t swim

We develop the skill

The best way to displace fear of the unknown is to provide the skill to explore it.

We provide the experience

Reef Guardians develop an appreciation for nature through exposure and experience.

We change the perspective

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