World Wetlands Day

Every year, the Trust celebrates World Wetlands Day to raise public awareness around the importance of mangrove wetlands. In 2015, the Trust launched its own mangrove nursery, which provides nearly 250 seedlings for replanting efforts.

International Coastal Cleanup

The Trust is an annual participant in the single largest global cleanup event of its kind: the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC).  Organized by the Ocean Conservancy and coordinated at a national level by the Jamaica Environment Trust, the ICC removes debris that would other enter the ocean, pollute our seas and kill marine life; it also generates awareness through the nation.  Montego Bay is no exception to this problem.  In fact, several projects have been launched throughout the history of the Trust to specifically target land-based sources of pollution.

What is the International Coastal Cleanup?

The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is an annual campaign sponsored by The Ocean Conservancy. Since it started in 1986, 118 countries and 55 U.S. states have participated in the cleanups. According to the ICC web site, the goal of the cleanup goes beyond picking up trash one day a year. “One of the ICC’s goals is to trace pollution to its source and work to prevent it from occurring” (International Coastal Cleanup). Using tally sheets, teams collect and take record of the types of trash that enter the sea. This information can help guide local organizers in the effort to stop garbage before it becomes a problem.

Land of wood and water

Steep mountainsides covered with lush tropical forests, where the cool breezes mark a pleasant difference with the humid lowland weather. The waterfalls that are found in these mountains wind their way down to the rivers and streams, which in turn arrive to the ocean above ground directly or underground through springs. There is much to this journey that can take one’s breath away, both in the scenery and the life that inhabits this land. However, beauty does not exist in a vacuum, and the pristine waters all too often fall victim to improper land management.

Trouble in paradise

In the countryside and the cities, the improper disposal of sewage, trash and other forms of waste is a tremendous disaster for the island’s water resources. The International Coastal Cleanup is one step in the right direction. It is an effort to trace the pollution to the source, and to find ways to end improper disposal. The Montego Bay Marine Park played a vital role in furthering this goal for the greater Montego Bay area…

International Coastal Cleanup Success

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated around the globe on April 22.  It is a foundational environmental event credited as one of the oldest environmental commemorations on record.  The Trust often stages a community mobilization campaign and beach cleanup on Earth Day.

Earth Day 2015

Beach Cleanup

Montego Bay is an urban center which has evolved rapidly from informal communities.  As the city has grown, inadequate and outmoded urban infrastructures have often been blamed for the persistent influx of land-based sources of marine litter.  Join us as we clean our beaches and promote awareness.