Care and Protect Jamaica

Launched in 2014, Care and Protect Jamaica is the Trust’s flagship environmental education program, which is improving the environmental awareness and stewardship among local students, while fostering the development of school recycling programs, and ushering in a new generation of volunteers to support coastal restoration and conservation.

Enrollment in the Trust’s Care and Protect Jamaica program has eclipsed 19,000 students, distributed across 11 primary schools and 10 secondary institutions.

The implementing bodies (MBMPT & YEC) have established educational booths and distributed informational hand-outs about the environment and ecology, helping to further the environmental curricula of partnering institutions. Other sweeping accomplishments include:

  • Sponsored Field Trips – Six hundred (600) students and 48 teachers were provided tours of the park by glass-bottom boat
  • Recycling Program – 21 schools are now collecting plastic bottle collection programs
  • Trendy Swag – Over 950 t-shirts were distributed to participants to promote project and brand recognition, while over 200 posters have been distributed to raise awareness on subjects such as Alien Invasive Species, Marine Litter and Endangered Species

The Care and Protect Jamaica program has grown the Trust’s support base to over  860  1,800! active volunteers.