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Observations and opinions of Montegonian interest

People, Get Ready part 3

…more storms on the way   TOP TEN 2017 CARIBBEAN STORM TARGETS Percentage chance that a storm will track within 50 miles Named Storm Hurricane Major Hurricane Mexico 86% 53% 20% The Bahamas 81% 54% 30% Cuba 79% 53% 28% Honduras 64% 21% 10% Dominican Republic 52%...

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Dust in the Wind

  … SAL vs. the hurricanes Previously, we looked at some of the effects of Saharan dust on the Caribbean – soil enrichment, haze, breathing problems and fouled machinery on land, algae growth and plankton blooms in the sea.  These effects have been known for decades,...

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Dust, and more dust

The Sahara Dust season in the tropical Atlantic generally starts and finishes about a month ahead of the hurricane season.  It produces spells of strange weather – there’s a thin haze that isn’t fog, sunrise and sunset produce big stretches of brilliant colour, and a...

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People, Get Ready Part 2

… bumping up the forecasts The hurricane forecasting season reached its peak a couple of weeks ago, just as the storm season was about to get under way.  NOAA delivered its 2017 outlook at the end of a week of public education, much of which was spent showing off a...

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Happy Birthday MBMPT!

Celebrating 25 years... This year, the Marine Park Trust is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its establishment.  In fact, the history of the Marine Park and the Trust began in the 1970s.  It took nearly 20 years of tireless work – endless plans and proposals,...

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Labour Day

Going to Work May 15-23 is Workers’ Week in Jamaica, and Tuesday May 23 is Labour Day –a public holiday.  Each year, Government asks us remember the struggles of Jamaican workers, especially the labour unions.  The usual focus on workplace safety and health has been...

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Mother’s Day

… a little respect, please Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the people who do the world’s hardest job.  Among sea creatures, there isn’t very much mothering or family life as people know them.  Only the mammals – manatees, whales and dolphins – nurse and protect...

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Trouble With Drains

   … putting a quart in a pint pot Last week, drains became a hot button issue on both coasts.  In Clarendon, residents and officials were still looking for someone or something to blame for an estimated $500 million in flood damage.  In Falmouth, the mayor needed...

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Back to the Dry?

… floods, droughts and hurricanes

In February this year Donovan Stanberry, Jamaica’s Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, had some strong words for the fifth Regional Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction. “I think that for a long time we have been focusing on hurricanes in the Caribbean and really we have taken our eyes off drought mitigation. And in my view for agriculture, drought is a more serious threat to us than in fact hurricanes,” Stanberry said.

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Happy Earth Day

…Cleaning up Mobay

On Saturday, April 22, Earth Day asks us to take the environment personally. From its modest beginnings in 1970, the idea has grown and spread. This year, sponsors of “the world’s largest environmental service campaign” estimate that more than a billion people in nearly 200 countries will observe Earth Day. Nothing else attracts that kind of audience except religious holidays, royal weddings and the World Cup final.

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2017 Hurricane Season Forecast

People, Get Ready… Too Quiet?

June 1, the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, is only about six weeks away. The first of the major forecasts – from the respected team at Colorado State University – appeared on April 6, and it calls for a slightly below average season. CSU expects 11 named storms with four hurricanes,

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Clean Jamaican Coasts?

…SODDIT dutties up Jamaica

Last week, the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and its partners announced that their Clean Coasts Project, launched in June 2014, was expanding. The Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign is perhaps the most popular and certainly the best known element of Clean Coasts in Jamaica.

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